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Tahoe Production House shoots Powder House at the Chateau Google Business View 360 Tour

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Powder House is the latest business in South Lake Tahoe to take advantage of the Google Business View 360 Tours available from Tahoe Production House.

Powder House (9) is located at 4125 #K Lake Tahoe Blvd in South Lake Tahoe and Since 1994, Powder House has grown to become the largest and most complete ski rental & snowboard rental shop in South Lake Tahoe, California with 9 locations. For convenience and value of ski & snowboard rental packages, you cannot beat the Powder House Ski and Snowboard of South Lake Tahoe.

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Martin’s Audio Blah-Blah #2

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DIY. The Pros and Cons.


Ok I’m not talking about putting in a new dishwasher or refinishing your deck. I’m talking about recording and producing yourself in your home studio. And let’s remember, these days recording oneself at home means that you have to wear all the hats: singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording & mix engineer, producer, arranger, roadie, groupie and tea maker. Back in “the day” there were a team of people that handled these individual aspects of recording. Makes sense right? I mean you wouldn’t expect Robert Downey Jr. to portray Iron Man but then also be Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, the cinematographer, screenwriter, director, and the key grippe (whatever that guy does). Needless to say, the range of talents one must master to record and produce great sounding music at home is mind boggling. And it is one reason why most home recordings sound like demos, not records.

That sounds like a “con” doesn’t it? So let’s run down a few more while we’re being a negative Nancy. Inadequate equipment or just not the right gear for the job. For example, cheap mics are not very forgiving. Despite the hype of versatility afforded them by their manufacturers, they tend to be a jack of all trades master of none. Space restrictions. Your garage or bedroom may be fine for a jam but chances are it’s less than adequate for a recording/mixing space. Throwing up some auralex or duvets helps a bit but once those problem frequencies creep into your tracks they are as hard to get rid of as your out of work cousin crashing on your couch and drinking all your beer. But my favorite con of all? NOBODY TO PLAY WITH :-(

Music is supposed to be a shared experience. Collaboration always renders new ideas that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. Plus having an extra set of ears is always helpful so long as those ears know what to listen for. Having someone to keep you on task and say that take was a keeper or not is invaluable to the process of making a record rather than a demo. Yes art is not supposed to be perfect, but you don’t want those imperfections to get in the way of conveying the feeling of the song.

Ok thus far it may seem like I’m biased. I run a professional recording studio so of course I want you DIY artists to bring your project to TPH. However, there is immense value in self-recording so long as you keep your expectations in check. Use your home based DAW to work on performance and arrangement. Explore guitar, keyboard, sample sounds and effect ideas. Make your songs the best they can be from a writing perspective. Get the general vibe happening; then go to an audio pro who can understand and share your vision and help you take it the rest of the way. The benefits are obvious. The greatest solo records of all time were NOT a one person show. That is not to say you can’t make great recordings in your home studio. But isn’t it more fun to work with others?


written by Martin Shears, Tahoe Production House Audio Engineer


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bucks $$

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They say photography is a dying art. Cameras are so available to the masses—from the miniscule shutter available on your iPhone to semi-professional DSLRs available at the nearest big box store—I can see why it’s a common thought. Look through a hole, click a button; not hard, right?

But stop for a second, and think of any professional website you’ve ever visited that really impressed you. Did it have blurry, dark or grainy images of the products the company offers, unflattering photos of their professionals, or downright poor pictures of their facilities? Or did it have clean, bright imagery of products, inviting photos of their spaces and professional, up-to-date headshots of the people you’re giving your money to? I’d put money on the latter.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. I say it can be worth a thousand bucks (or even a million) to a small business. With that in mind, when you look at your website, what do your photos say?

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TPH Creates HD Video for Nonprofits

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Tahoe Production House enjoys working with Nonprofit Organizations. We help them produce high quality production, at an affordable rate. We are experts in developing videos designed to transform the reach, impact, and perception of any nonprofit organization. We ensure that nonprofits have access to high definition videos that help train, motivate, raise funds and increase awareness for them. We can also help with DVD authoring and encoding for their website, YouTube, Facebook, and television stations. We want to help your nonprofit reach new audiences and inspire them to better fulfill your mission. Contact us today for a quote!

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Martin’s Audio Blah-Blah #1

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Hello fellow soundies, my name is Martin Shears. I am the head audio engineer at Tahoe Production House and the author of this blog. I am also a professional musician. For the past 25 years I have written, produced, recorded, performed, toured, ate, drank, and slept MUSIC. It is what feeds my soul and drives my passion. Of course my family does too but even they were found and born via my love of making music.

I live in South Lake Tahoe, California where I perform with my friend and business partner in the acoustic duo Ike & Martin (guess which one is me). Ike Marr and myself run a label/artist development outfit called Four Count Concepts. We represent several acts around the Tahoe basin, book gigs, develop web presence, record, and basically show them how to make a better living as artists. FCC also provides the audio recording equipment and services for Tahoe Production House which, along with the expertise of yours truly, helps round out TPH into the awesome full service facility that it is.

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