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DynamicDuo Entertainment Website Refresh

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Tahoe Production House loves our clients! We especially love helping our current clients refresh and update their websites!

Recently DynaMicDuo Entertainment wanted to update their website with large photos and more information about what they do! We designed a new home page, and created a full width photo slideshow at the top. We also added new information and galleries on the other pages on the site to update their list of what they offer.

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Check out what DynamicDuo is all about!

Randy and Theresa Daggs have owned and operated Lake Tahoe based Dyna “Mic” Duo Entertainment for over 20 years providing first-class Interactive Entertainment Services. Be it a wedding, corporate event, banquet, bachelor/bachelorette party, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience with the Dyna “Mic” Duo on board.

We begin with a complimentary consultation so that we can custom design your event according to your budget and your specifications. Dyna “Mic” Duo Entertainment has been and continues to be first and foremost in creativity, style and professionalism.


Visit the newly refreshed site at and get a quote from TPH click here!


Lake Tahoe Unified School District – New Website Launch for District & All Schools!

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Tahoe Production House was asked to consult with Lake Tahoe Unified School District and SharpSchool to help update our local school districts websites. Working with SharpSchool was amazing. Read all about their company below!

SharpSchool offers a one stop solution for district and school web hosting and student safe email technologies.SharpSchool connects educators, students, and parents to build captivating and interactive learning communities. SharpSchool is a leading provider of educational web-based technology solutions for grades K-12. Designed specifically for education, SharpSchool’s Web Hosting provides a comprehensive website content management and virtual classroom service. For more information on what they can offer, check out their website here —

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Tahoe Production House helped LTUSD with the following:

  • Provide full service project management in order to meet the tight deadlines associated with the proposed launch date
  • Provide thought leadership on all aspects of the design process to ensure LTSUD vision for the individual websites is executed by the SharpSchool team to the standards of LTUSD 
  • Serve as day-to-day project manager between LTUSD and SharpSchool, including attendance at all meetings and conference / Skype calls
  • Directly manage the project timelines and coordinate tasks & deliverables amongst the LTSUD staff & SharpSchool’s project managers
  • Including the process of gathering & delivering all requested & required content, visuals & functional needs by SharpSchool
  • Help with creative idealization so that LTUSD achieves the desired vision of showcasing the unique attributes of the individual schools
  • Answer technical questions and relay them back to LTUSD staff in an easy-to- understand manner

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Contact us today about our Website Development and Design services!


Martin’s Audio Blah-Blah #5

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Have you ever heard the expression “variety is the spice of life?” It happens to be true in certain contexts. For example, if you ate the same thing for dinner every night, the food consumption portion of your life would get pretty boring. And although you’d gain expert understanding of the complexities of Fettuccine Alfredo, you’d probably want to kill yourself (unless arterial sclerosis does the job for you). On the other side of that coin, if you told your partner “variety is the spice of life so I think we should see other people,” it probably wouldn’t go so well. As audio engineers, producers, musicians however, variety is essential to our growth and creativity.

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Who’s in Charge?

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Tahoe Production House has been working with Colleen Klym of Mountain Music Therapy on her first Album entitled “Rosie’s Fit, Songs to Nourish Connection and Family Relationships”. This album has been so much fun to create in the studio! We have mixed Colleen’s ideas with her talented vocals and Martin’s expertise as a producer to bring this album to life! We can’t wait to release the whole album, but for now, take a listen to the first single!

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