Basic SEO Tips and Tools for WordPress Websites

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Once you understand the basic concept of search engine crawling, you will most likely reconsider how you word and place content on your WordPress website pages, posts and imagery. Search engines “crawl” your website in a hierarchical nature in attempt to identify the revelancy of content against a users particular search keywords. So for example, a search engine would look at the html title of your website, then your web page and blog post titles then crawl the content of those pages & posts to ensure that the content delivers on what the title keywords reference. To put it simply, search engines try to think like a human would: judging the content of a website (in a hierarchical manner) for its credibility on a particular topic, subject, service or product.

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Tahoe Production House & Real Audio Workshop Offering Audio Classes & Seminars

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Real Audio Work Shops has teamed up with Tahoe Production House to bring audio classes and seminars to the public. The classes and seminars are of varying subject targets and length of class. This will allow for learning audio from beginner to experienced. These classes and seminars will consist of many learning techniques, demonstrations, tools of the trade, and field trips to other venues and sound companies. We will cover many aspects.

The classes and seminars are designed to help you learn, not fail or intimate you. If you are not sure of which class or category you fit into, a simple test can be e-mailed or sent to you. From there you can find out which class to attend…Still not sure? Let us review your test, and we can then communicate back you, and help decide you which class / seminars are best for you.

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Utilizing Vintage Lenses for the First Time on My Canon EOS 60D by JT Media

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For this week’s Tahoe Production House video production blog, we decided to re-post a nice blog by our partner John Chevalier of JT Media titled: “FD to EF Conversion Motion Test.

Yesterday I picked up my mail and luckily my Fotodiox FD to EF conversion lens had come in. It was perfect timing because the boys from PLUS Skateboards and I decided to go for a quick sunset skate session at our local secret in South Lake Tahoe. I decided that this session would be the perfect opportunity to utilize my vintage lenses for the first time on my Canon EOS 60D.

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The Importance of Pre-Production when Shooting Videos

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pre·pro·duc·tion (prē′prə duk′shən)


-the process of preparing and planning before actual production begins; specif., the choosing of locations, casting of actors, revision of the script, etc. before the actual shooting of a film.-

In the world of video production, laying out your ideas ahead of time, making sure everything will fit together as perfect as you can, will make the entire production process run that much smoother and faster. It’s a skill and a requirement to make your projects work.

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