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Launch of Tahoe Show TV’s Competitor Spotlight Series

By May 8, 2012March 16th, 2016Video

TPH is in production for a great new video web series for the Tahoe Show’s new “Tahoe Show TV” available on their YouTube Channel or on

Tahoe Show TV will be airing the Competitor Spotlight series leading up to the big event at Montbleu August 25 2012.

Each video in the series will feature past or future Tahoe Show competitors.

The first video we shot and launched at the end of April features Incline trainer Cassandra Chandler who’s been a long time champion figure and bodybuilding competitor. At the 2011 Tahoe Show, Cassandra placed 2nd Overall and 1st in the Master’s Division.

This video series seeks to introduce you to the athletes of Tahoe Show and offers insights into the motivations and training plans of top body building competitors that you can apply to your training programs.

Stay tuned for more Competitor Spotlights on Tahoe Show TV.

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