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RastaCam Aerial Cable Camera Rig now at Tahoe Production House

By May 31, 2012March 16th, 2016Video
Photo of Aerial Cable Camera ffrom RastaCam

RastaCam Cable Camera

Tahoe Production House is excited to announce that we are now a preferred vendor of RastaCam. This means you can rent the cable camera system and operators though TPH.

If you aren’t aware of the unique features of this cable camera rig read on.

RastaCam is an aerial cable camera rig designed to bring you professional video production style shooting techniques at an affordable price point. It can achieve shots that you simply can’t get with jibs and booms.

Rastacam’s cable camera rig is able to capture smooth, steady, and linear shots over great distances unaffected by the terrain below. It offers 600 ft of cable tracking depending on what your video production calls for.

It’s 360 degree pan, tilt, and roll capable. This makes tracking subjects with the camera a breeze in any situation.

The RastaCam features an on board Gyro system that will stabilize the rig in winds up to 20MPH. It  can climb and ascend hills of up to 15 degrees as well as reach speeds of up to 45mph.

Our wireless video downlink system enables us to see exactly what the camera sees so there is no guessing when it comes to capturing the perfect shot.

The rig can support cameras ranging from Cannon 7D all the way up to the Red.

There are many unique applications for the RastaCam. Namely, when you have a moving subject the RastaCam really will provide a special wow factor to your shot. From intense downhill-mountain biking, to sporting events, or even capturing a scenic run through the woods. The high dollar versions of aerial cable camera systems are the rigs typical used shooting televised football games.

What makes the Rastacam system so unique is that you simply don’t come across cable camera systems available through contract outside of the movie or high end-production industry… especially not at our competitive pricing.

Call Tahoe Production House for more info. (530) 600-1416

To see the RastaCam in Motion, Click Here:

Aerial Cable Camera by RastaCam

RastaCam being set-up for shoot at bike park


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