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Introducing Audio Engineer Wayne Carlson

By June 28, 2012March 16th, 2016Blog

This is Wayne Carlson and I’m so proud and excited to be with Tahoe Production House. This will be my first blog of many to come. First off, you can read a bit about my professional background in my bio.

As a professional audio engineer, I’ve had innumerable experiences that have gotten me to where I am at today.

I’ve been involved in audio recording and live sound since the 70s. Since then, I’ve also been a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) which has given me more audio knowledge than you can imagine. From the seminars and classes to speaking with the “top” audio engineers in the world…is more schooling then you can possibly pay for.

I’ve also had invaluable hands-on time with endless gear at the AES conventions. The seminars and classes after the conventions are great for expanding your knowledge and skill-set. Sysn-Aud-Con is an example of one event that’s incredible for audio engineers of all levels. I have attended and graduated from several of these workshops.

For me some the best ways I’ve been able to dial my skills have been years with countless live shows and sessions and working over the years as a recording and live engineer with bands of all levels, and collaborating with other engineers, producers and artists. I’ve been so fortunate to have worked with and learn from the best this business has to offer.

In the coming months, expect great things from Tahoe Production House: Audio classes, seminars, 1, 3 and 6-day workshops for beginners to professional level. We’ll also bring guest speakers to Tahoe Production House, covering many subjects: sound recording, live sound, guitar maintenance, tube amp maintenance, understanding music with engineering and producing in mind and much more.

Through my upcoming blogs, I will be talking about all aspects of audio engineering, recording, mixing and mastering. We’ll also keep you posted on upcoming audio events at Tahoe Production House.

This will be absolutely fantastic. Thanks and stay tuned.

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