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Tahoe Show promoters transforming the bodybuilding show experience

By June 29, 2012December 26th, 2019Blog, Live Streaming, Video
POSTED: Jun 29, 2012
Written by Michelle Ponto

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TAHOE — The 2012 Tahoe show is still two months away, but Chris Minnes, one of the promoters of the show, has been busy.

“It’s our second year and right now we are focused on the pre-show stuff and the at-the-show stuff like Tahoe TV,” Minnes said.

Tahoe TV is the video segments that can be found on the Tahoe Show website and on their YouTube channel. It’s a collection of interviews that Minnes has been conducting with NPC competitors and people involved in the show.

“We put out a new interview every week. We were lucky enough to partner with the Tahoe Production House which has an outstanding studio and amazing equipment,” Minnes said.

Innovative thinking like this is the core of what makes The Tahoe Show different from other NPC shows. Pre-show videos, digital media and high-tech equipment are just the beginning of what promoters Chris Minnes and Bill Cambra have in mind for their 2012 show that takes place on August 25.

Minnes says competitors and spectators can forget about what they know about NPC bodybuilding shows because the Tahoe Show is not going to be your traditional NorCal show. He says their goal is to transform the experience from the traditional out-dated auditoriums where you can barely see the athletes on the stage to a modern, well-produced show with great lighting, interview cut-ins from competitors backstage and pre-recorded features.

So why the change? Minnes says one reason is that traditional shows can be monotonous.

“I’m an avid bodybuilder and I’ve been in countless shows, and if I’m watching a show and start to fall asleep, what does the everyday person think? We want everyone to be interested in every athlete that steps out on the stage rather than looking at their watch,” Minnes said.

To transform the 2012 show into a quality production, they’ll have three camera angles: a crane camera, a tripod camera and wireless camera that will be used on stage and also used backstage to get interviews with competitors as they come on or off stage, or in the pump up room as they get ready.

But that’s not all they’ll have.

“There will be two giant screens over top of the stage so the audience can see full detail of everyone on the stage. We’ll also have a live webcast of the event so you can actually go online and watch the show,” Minnes said. “We have people coming in from Australia and Europe and now their families will be able to watch them compete.”

To pump up the entertainment value for those watching, MTV’s Joey Gloor will be hosting the event and Ben Pakulski will be guest posing.

“Ben was recently on the cover of Flex Magazine and is the new guy everyone in the bodybuilding industry is talking about. He’ll also be doing a posing clinic the night before,” Minnes said.

Minnes promises that those who come to the event will be entertained the entire time. It won’t be a constant line up of competitors walking out on stage, posing, and walking off, but much more.

“There is so much going on at the show. Plus, we have a couple surprises planned. One is really fantastic that has never been done at a bodybuilding show,” Minnes said.

We tried to get Minnes to let us in on the secret, but no chance of that happening.

“I don’t want to give it all away before we get on stage. I want the audience to be a little shocked.”

I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what that is on August 25 at the Mont Bleu Resort in Tahoe along with everyone else.