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Overview of Tahoe Production House’s Video Production Capabilities

By July 12, 2012March 16th, 2016Blog, Video

Video production has changed considerably in the last ten years.  To shoot “High Definition” video, in the early years of this century, you needed a camera more expensive than two cars, and an editing system that was equal in value to a small two bedroom home.

Got a smart phone?  Own a computer?  You are now a video production company.  Most recent phones can shoot HD video, and your home computer is already installed with video editing software on PCs and Macs.

Tahoe Production House, in South Lake Tahoe,  differs from “your” video production company  in the level of quality we deliver our Clients.  Quality means: the use of professional equipment and 30 years of experience shooting and editing video.

When we talk about “Professional Equipment” it means shooting on professional grade digital cameras, such as the Canon Mark II or the JVC GY750….  That means no more generational loss as with “tape” cameras.  We even offer the S.two Digital Cinematography Recorder and Workflow, which has been used  on many major motion pictures and Television series, such as “Men in Black 3” and “NCIS:  Los Angeles.

The Rasta Cam is a new product we are proud to offer.  This Zip Line 360 Degree motion camera is awesome.  This camera can move on a cable at speeds up to 45 mph providing for 360 controls on an X, Y axis.  Go to our Facebook link on this site to view videos.

If you haven’t heard of the Carbon XL, you will.  Tahoe Production House is one of the first owners of this amazing piece of technology.  This ultralite carbon fiber kit comes in four small suitcases, yet… it is a crane, camera slider, dolly, car mount and a time lapse camera slider.

Lights, Camera, Action!!!  We have lights.  A Five Light field pack, Studio Lights, Photography Field Light Kit, Irritating fluorescents in the ceiling. If you have a specific lighting need, we can make that happen.

How about a video with you flying like Superman in your next PowerPoint presentation?  With TPH’s large cyclorama green screen we can put you anywhere in the world or another world.  It is only limited by your imagination.

Video production really begins after the video has been shot.  At TPH we offer every editing platform you could want: two Final Cut Pro edit systems with fully integrated Adobe Suite software and an Avid suite. After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and all the web designing tools are available at Tahoe Production House.  We also have many web server and video encoding options available.






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