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Live Event Video Production and Streaming Video with NewTek Tricaster

By September 6, 2012March 16th, 2016Blog, Video

Photo of NewTek Tricaster

Live event video production can bring a lot to your live sports game, concert, corporate webcasts, conferences and other special events.  Tahoe Production House uses the NewTek TriCaster to get the job done seamlessly.  In one compact, portable live production system, we have all the tools needed to deliver a high impact product, just like any big network studio.    The system is considered the industry standard to deliver a network-quality broadcast from anywhere.  With this system you get multi-channel switching, network-style virtual sets, full HD streaming, titling, DDRs, audio mixing, editing and more.

Features of Live Video Production NewTek TriCaster:

  •     13-channel, multi-definition live production system
  •     Push one button to live stream in up to 720p
  •     Record up to 20 hrs of 1080i
  •     Have 15 HD live virtual sets and advanced matte generation
  •     Get the look of a sophisticated studio setting in a limited space
  •     Create custom virtual sets or double-box effects
  •     Connect up to three HD and/or SD live cameras
  •     Access unlimited displays from a PC or Mac®
  •     Have full field rate, on-screen preview monitors
  •     Expand your workspace with multi-view monitor output
  •     Connect a projector or big screen for IMAG video output
  •     Get a multi-channel audio mixer with audio-follows-video support
  •     Output HD and SD video, simultaneously

Why am I telling you?  Live event production combined with live streaming (to web or broadcast) not only ups the production value of your event it can even help you increase your revenue.

Streaming gives you the ability to broadcast live to millions of people worldwide. The cost of live video streaming has plummeted in recent years allowing for venue owners and event managers to be their own network TV stations.  Also available is Pay-Per-View broadcasts for your event.  This lets you monetize the act of broadcasting your event live, adding to the revenue streams you already have in place.  By providing a pay-per-view live video stream of your event your paid attendance can far exceed your venues physical capacity.

So when should you broadcast your event live?  That depends on the nature of your event.  If your event is limited, like a one night only concert, play or wedding, you may wish to stream it online for people who could not attend.  In addition, we can record the broadcast simultaneously as it is being broadcast in real time, allowing you to repurpose the event as marketing material for future events or DVD sales.

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