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Tahoe Production House & Real Audio Workshop Offering Audio Classes & Seminars

By November 15, 2012March 16th, 2016Audio, Blog

Real Audio Work Shops has teamed up with Tahoe Production House to bring audio classes and seminars to the public. The classes and seminars are of varying subject targets and length of class. This will allow for learning audio from beginner to experienced. These classes and seminars will consist of many learning techniques, demonstrations, tools of the trade, and field trips to other venues and sound companies. We will cover many aspects.

The classes and seminars are designed to help you learn, not fail or intimate you. If you are not sure of which class or category you fit into, a simple test can be e-mailed or sent to you. From there you can find out which class to attend…Still not sure? Let us review your test, and we can then communicate back you, and help decide you which class / seminars are best for you.

The classes and seminars will have various teachers or guest speakers. This way you will hear things in a way which may impact you or give you better understanding then just 1 teacher. The classes are also “Hands on”. This allows you to see, feel and hear what you are learning. There will be text material, a Lanyard, and a certificate handed out at each class. This way you can keep track of your accomplishments and possibly even be used for school credits. Of course the later statement is up to each school and college…check with them.

These classes and seminars are aimed at running sound with mixing consoles, analog or digital, microphones, main house speakers, monitors, amps, equalization, system placement, so on. Classes and seminars are targeted for Houses of worship, career direction, job employment, so on. You can even take these for audio understanding for your band sound, musical group, theater, DJ, even if it simply a hobby. Whatever the class you take is, you will learn audio.

Recording classes and seminars will be offered as well. All the above mentioned are in these classes as well. Some of the classes are more advanced then others…some you can progress from one to another, and increase your skill level as you wish.

Other classes and seminars will be offered such as; Guitar lesson’s, Bass guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, drum lesson’s and various other instrument lessons. Please contact us for more info on these lessons. Many maintenance and instrument tech classes are available such as how to take care of your gear form a technical standpoint. We offer tech maintenance classes for guitar, bass guitar, drum sets, tube amplifier maintenance, solid state amplifier maintenance, and general gear maintenance and repair. Other electronics essentials classes are available. Classes include soldering, basic electronic components, basic circuitry class / seminar and basic acoustics & treatment.

 Call us at (530)600-1416 to book your audio class!!

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