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Tahoe Production House Offers Complete Virtual Studio Amenities

By December 20, 2012March 16th, 2016Blog, Video

Virtual Studio

Tahoe Production House’s virtual studio is a digital stage set, that allows the real-time combination of people or objects into a computer generated environment in a seamless way.  For that type of integration, we use Chroma Key technology and a Cyclorama Green Screen.  A key point of Tahoe Production House’s virtual studio is that while the actual studio camera is static, the image of the virtual camera can move in 3D space.  Therefore, the virtual camera can in many cases zoom and change angles on the virtual set without touching the studio camera.  The rendering of our Virtual Set is done in real-time by the Tricaster Broadcast Switcher which eliminates the need for expensive post-production editing.  The live, real-time, aspect of a Virtual Set makes it the perfect tool for live broadcasting and streaming video to the web.  Tahoe Production House’s virtual set & studio can save you time and money by being recorded in real-time, with no post-production costs, as well as eliminating the costs to construct a real set, or spend money to shoot on location.

Here is an example of a show filmed at Tahoe Production House’s Virtual Studio:

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