Hire a Personal Videographer or Photographer to Capture Your Memories

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You’re ready for your Lake Tahoe summer or winter vacation: the flight is booked, the hotel is reserved, the bags are packed, but what about the professional videographer or photographer to shoot video or take photos and create an amazing film or album to share with your family and friends when you return?  Picture this: You and your friends are riding during an epic powder day at one of the Tahoe ski resorts; the only thing missing is a videographer on hand to capture the fun with  high-definition shots of this moment.

It’s become very popular for travelers to hire professionals to take their vacation video or photos.  Vacationers also want better video to post on social media, where their vacation videos are shared with their all of their friends and family.

Tahoe Production House is now offering “Hire Your Personal Videographer or Photographer” Packages to do just that. Travelers want to record high-quality memorable moments without the hassle or concern that they may not be taking the best video or photos. They want more sophisticated and compelling stories to share on social media.  And vacationers realize that an iPhone may not do the job.  When family vacation videos were relegated to old VHS tapes and getting good video was not that critical it wasn’t such a big deal.  But now we are sharing our videos on Facebook and Twitter with hundreds of friends or followers.

Prices for a vacation videographer or photographer can range from an hourly rate to a daily rate.  You can even hire Tahoe Production House for your entire vacation.  We will go anywhere you go.  Tahoe Production House offers Vacation Destination Videography and Photography to be sure that  your vacation memories are completely captured at the highest quality.  Let TPH worry about the camera, the batteries, the memory cards and getting the perfect shot.

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