What’s New in 2013 in Audio Department at Tahoe Production House

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Happy New Year to all from Tahoe Production House and Real Audio Workshop. This is going to be an exciting year for TPH and R.A.W.

We have great new service and product offerings this year for the audio department

We will be kicking off our audio classes in the next couple months. These will be for beginners, intermediate, and for advanced. We will be teaching “Analog as well as Digital” audio. We will be advertising when the class’s will be held, along with class specifics, and pricing, plus specials, keep an eye out for them, they will be limited to approximately 12 people per class. Don’t worry if you miss one, we will have them repeating throughout the year.

We’re also gearing up for “live” audio recording for bands, musicals, plays and events, be it a church, school, concert. We can record anywhere with a very small footprint of space needed to capture whatever your needs are…indoor or outdoor. Our mobile audio recording system will be 24 tracks. We can supply mics, stands, cables, split snake, and more.

We can then take those tracks to the studio and over dub parts, clean up the tracks, mix down, and master your performances. They can be made into CD’s with covers and packaging for you to sell.

We will also be expanded our backline rentals and sound system reinforcement of high quality equipment. We will be able to cover your needs in the studio or on the live stage.  We also have audio engineers to mix your show live as well with or without our gear.

New equipment is going to be coming in as the year goes on. This will vary from digital to analog equipment. Pre amps, mics, plug-in’s, compressors and other signal processing will be announced as it arrives. Some of it vintage and others new on the market.

Having a variety of tools for audio recording is key for capturing your vision of a performance and musical talent.

We have already started the update process with Celemoney Melodyne Editor, Studio One 2 Pro V 1.72 and also installed the plug-in “Softtube” update. These are key to getting your sound just right.

Watch for these blogs throughout the year to see what other services and updates we’re offering.


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