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Tahoe Production House Produces Live Broadcast for

By April 12, 2013March 16th, 2016Audio, Blog, Video
photo of stageit live broadcast tahoe productionhouse

Tahoe Production House was asked by the music band “Ghost of the Robot” to do the production for their upcoming live broadcast show.

Have you heard of  It’s an online concert venue where performers can broadcast live and interactive experiences directly from a laptop, while offering unique fan experiences that are never archived.  Performers can make money by performing, and can be in any location.  The fans get to know their favorite performers, and get to request songs, tip, and make comments, as well as meet other like-minded fans.  Because it’s virtual, you can watch the concert in your underwear.

Ghost of the Robot consists of band members James Marsters on lead guitar and vocals, Jordan Latham on lead drums, Kevin McPherson on lead bass, Sullivan Marsters on lead guitar, and Charlie De Mars on lead guitar and vocals.  They all sing.  The band formed in 2002 utilizing members from Soccer Hooligans and Power Animals.

Over 400 people viewed the live broadcast on their computers via while Ghost of the Robot performed live on a virtual stage at Tahoe Production House.

“The video portion of the show used three JVC GY750 cameras and a Tricaster TCXD300 Live Production Switcher.  The Tricaster was able to generate virtual sets for the bands background, as the they were actually standing on an 18 foot cyclorama green screen.  One virtual set was a Star Field with 3 different angles, for the three different cameras angles, and the second set was an all white background.  The Tricaster was also used to for opening and intermission graphics, as well as playing back several video bumpers from its internal Digital Video Playback and Recorder.  A stereo mix from the 24 channel Presonus audio board was input into the Tricaster as well.  The entire mixed (audio / video) production was output to an AJA Ki Pro Digital Recorder in ProRes 422 (HQ) for editing in Final Cut Pro.  The three cameras were also recording the band with the native green screen background for later compositing in After Effects.”

– Tim Whaley, Production Director Tahoe Production House

“This show was an exciting new adventure for us at Real Audio Workshop and Tahoe Production House. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Ghost Of The Robot, it was also a blast to do a live show over the Internet via We have never done anything like this before, but we are glad that we did it! This whole concept is exciting because it allows us to provide studio quality audio with the feel and audience participation of a live performance. It is the ultimate fan treat in my opinion. We will be looking forward to doing future shows like this in the near future and I hope many will come very soon.”

–Joshua Carlson, owner of Real Audio Workshop

This was an amazing experience for the band, for the fans, as well as Tahoe Production House.  The band made thousands of dollars on this concert and it was well worth the production value!




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