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Live Audio Recording Opportunities and Audio Workshops & Classes at Tahoe Production House

By May 22, 2013March 16th, 2016Audio, Blog

Our latest blog from the Real Audio Workshop sound team at Tahoe Production House is about upcoming live audio recording opportunities and audio workshops and classes.

Summer is right around the corner and the good weather is here. What does this mean in the in Lake Tahoe? It means that around Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area, there will be tons of outdoor music events, big and small. (E.g., Harvey’s Outdoor Summer Concert Series, Montbleu Outdoor Event Center, Live at Lakeview, etc) This would be the perfect time to “capture” that live event. Whether its your band, a single player, a DJ or the entire event…

Real Audio Workshop is proud to announce the investment of a 24 channel mobile recording system. We have great pre-amps, mics, stands, cables, not to mention the professional and experienced engineering staff to “capture” your event. The recording can then be brought back to the Tahoe Production House studio and be cleaned up if needed, have over dubs placed on the recording, add a few effects if desired, or simply mixed down as it is. Then it can be mastered, copies can be made, CD covers…..the list goes on for services offered from audio production to video production to website design and graphic design…

These will be of varying sizes from 1 day easy-to-understand audio classes aimed at the beginner and/or intermediate sound guy in the band, church, or DJ that needs to gain more audio skills and tools.  We will be offering 1 day, 3 day and 6 day classes as well. Again the idea is to teach you to success, by providing solid techniques backed by our many years experience in the audio and sound industry. You will be taught from two of the best and most experienced current audio engineers in the biz today.  At some of the classes we will also have guest speakers.

About the Audio Teaching Staff:

Wayne Carlson, currently at Harrah’s for the last 25 years as head sound tech for the entire property, and Harvey’s. Before that, Wayne was on the road as head engineer with live shows, major headliners, to intermediate bands and professioal sound companies. Wayne has designed sound systems and also performed installations, for many production shows, show rooms, church’s, and more.  Before that, Wayne was in the recording studios for 10 years. Even though currently at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, all of this time Wayne was doing live and studio work for other companies and side-projects. Far to many main acts to list, including Sammy Davis Jr. and Sammy Hagar. Wayne’s experience of live production shows, indoor and outdoor, to main headliners, is very extensive. Wayne has also been a musician since the 60’s.

Joshua Carlson is currently monitor engineer and F.O.H. engineer at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. Josh has been in the audio business all of his life and a musician as well.  Prior to Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Josh came from the Harrah’s Reno show room where he did sound system design and operation of live shows in the main show room, conventions and the outdoor plaza.  Josh is extremely well versed in F.O.H. and monitors. Josh’s knowledge base of analog signal operation and signal flow as well as digital systems is outstanding.  He worked as an audio engineer with Moonlighting and Sound, where he moved up as an engineer to be among one of the best there. His most recent show with Sammy Hagar at Harrah’s Tahoe, left their engineers Josh’s boss what an outstanding job he did. Josh assisted first hand with Hagar’s engineers. He set up the entire monitor and mic set-up (A 2-day with a partial tear down and re-set up for the next night due to the Peek Night Club). They said Josh was flawless. They also quoted, “Josh commanded the stage with his sound knowledge….and was without a doubt…outstanding.”

In conclusion…This summer will be packed with many opportunities for events and shows to capture your sound. Look for our specials, advertisements or call Tahoe Production House to find out what we can do for you…Make this summer one to remember.  “CAPTURED IT FOR EVER”


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