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Tahoe Production House Provides Studio Space and Tools for DIY Photo Shoots.

By September 4, 2013March 16th, 2016Photo, Studio + Live Events
Studio Rental Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Production House has the photography studio space, equipment and tools for DIY photo shoots for both novice and professional photographers.

Whether you’re “the product” as your own social commodity on social media or dating sites, or say you have a craft or equipment to sell on your website or an online auction site; nothing does these products more justice online or in print than a well-lit, high-resolution photo.

Sure, you can point and shoot in a mirror or outside with auto focus, but to really maximize the quality of product for your time spent, having the needed equipment and a consistent environment has been essential since the dawn of photography. Controlled environments give you the guarantee that nature can’t provide.

Tahoe Production House has everything you need. With the right planning you’re able to come into TPH and shoot your head-shots, graduation photos, product shots or something silly or serious for the family to share during holidays or do all of the above in one day and save. With a cyclorama chroma-key screen (green screen) you can put anything in any environment, and even shoot daylight at night.

TPH offers many services and advice but whether you come into TPH, have them come out on location with you or you decide to try and DIY, make sure you take as many photos as you can because, a photo is worth a thousands words, but that’s only one in every thousand photos.

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