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Design & Brand Identity

By November 26, 2013March 20th, 2016Marketing, , Website Development + Design

Design of DEP Publishing Logo/Business Card & Launch of DEP Publishing Website:  Brand Identity

Did you know as a business your two most important forms of communication are your website and your business card?  Yet, many companies fail to align the visual look and presentation of their company consistently.  TPH recently helped new publishing company DEP Publishing create a logo, business card, and website.  We worked closely with our client to create a logo that also said something about her company.  The logo is sophisticated, simple, and to the point.


Business Cards are still important, and not going anywhere!  Whenever you’re in a networking situation you should always have a business card to hand out.  How do people remember your name, find your phone number, or your website to learn more about you or your company?  Business cards are easy to scan, use very little paper, and very inexpensive to print.  They offer you an opportunity to share your contact information to make a visual impression with imagery, colors, and messaging that defines who you are quickly.  We took the design of the DEP logo and created a business card that would give anyone a hint of what the publishing company did, and of course put all the important information on the card.

Final Business Card

Next was creating a website that acted as a billboard for the company.  Most people recognize their website as their most important communications platform.  Your business cards and social media should all connect to your website where your brand image and story are clearly told.  It is important all of your communications assets look like they belong together; common messaging, consistent colors, related imagery and logos.

DEP WebsiteWebsites and business cards should speak the same brand identity; if yours don’t it may be time to do some brand building and get your imagery aligned in a consistent marketing plan.

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