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Gorilla Film Making

By November 5, 2013March 20th, 2016Blog, Video

Gorilla Film Making

Gorilla Film Making

Gorilla film making is a lot like it sounds; you’re not that bright, trapped in a cage of financing and emotion. Your only resource is to throw whatever crap you have inside you out into the world and hope it entertains whoever is watching you on the other side of the glass. Then there’s the question; “Why even bother?” You can spend years developing, through many tears, borrowed time and hard earned money for something you just know the world needs to see to be enlightened to your plight and muse and then forced to give it away for free only to see it overshadowed by a thirty second clip of the formula nonsense. There has to be a better way!

Don’t go it alone. Yes, you should be able to do any job that is required on a set, but you’re also obligated to find others like you. If you can’t convince good people that this idea of “theirs” is great and you will help them make it part of this “overall” idea then postpone your shoot.

Have it all. Don’t count on anyone or wait till the last minute to get what you need to set. People flake, phones don’t pick up, traffic, unreliable vehicles, this or that person doesn’t view you as a friend enough to do the bare minimum of going out of their way to let you use something you know they have and you need for this one key shot. Find a storage room i.e. garage, and schedule everything to be in there a few days before you shoot. Even rental companies have been known to promise things, all it takes is one person to return something late to ruin your whole shoot.

Charge your batteries. Whether it’s cell phones, camera batteries, car batteries, fuel in a car or food for cast and crew, have that fuel at the ready. Money and manners are also a great fuel.

Companies out there like Tahoe Production House will take your project as seriously as you do. No bias, just the parameters to get it done right, on time and on budget. With the equipment, experience, professionalism and connections to deliver no matter how big or small your budget.

In the end you must go about this knowing that no one will care, your friends and family will be forced to watch it, but that’s just it, create the things you want to see, make the things you want to hear, because this business has become a one audience member demographic. You! You’re at the controls of what you allow to entertain you or waste the only true valuable resource… time.

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