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Tis’ the Season – Holiday Photo Tips

By November 13, 2013March 20th, 2016Blog, Photo

Tis’ the Season – Holiday Photo Tips

With the Holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to pass along some simple tips to make your holiday photos better than ever before.

Capture Candid Moments – It important to take formal photos, but some of the best photos are the candid shots with people enjoying themselves, rather than posing for a boring photo.

Place your subject off-center – One thing that is noticeable in a boring family photo is when the whole family is smack dab in the middle of the frame.  For a more interesting looking photo, try to place them to one side, about a third of the way from the edge.

Use a Tripod – Make sure to use a tripod or a stable solid surface to take the photo.  This will make the photo sharp and in focus.

Forget the Flash – Try not to use your camera’s flash.  It usually results in unflattering photos with harsh lighting that doesn’t make your photos look good.  Instead, try increasing the ISO speed higher than normal, and your photos will look more natural.

Fill the frame and don’t forget the Details – Get up close and personal with the people in your photo, you would be amazed at the results!  Its not just about the people, its also about the food, decorations, and the place your at.  Take some close up shots of these things and include them in the final product.

Focus on the Kids, but don’t forget the Adults – Everyone likes pictures of their kids, so make sure they are the main focus, you will never get them to sit still, so take lots of photos!  Remember not to neglect the other adults!

Don’t forget to include yourself, and share your photo or photos with your family and friends.  We may live in a time when most photos are shared in a virtual space, but don’t forget the value of seeing the Best Photo in a frame!

Happy Holidays from Tahoe Production House!

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