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Top 10 Items for your Audio Christmas List

By December 18, 2013March 20th, 2016Audio


Hello All,

Wayne Carlson here with Real Audio Workshops, and I was asked to write a blog on 10 things I would want for Christmas concerning audio.  What!  Just 10?  I could to go to 1,500 easily!  Ok, let’s keep it to 10.

Then, I thought, 10, in what area of “Audio”? Studio, Live sound, guitars, amps, you get the idea. A guy like me can go to 1,500 easily in each category. From microphones to keyboards, analog to digital, so with that in mind, I will keep it to the Studio sound, but some of these items could be and is used for live sound.  As you read the list keep the following in mind:  Microphones would be in matched pairs but counts as (1) item on the list.  Pre- amps are (2 or 4) but (1) item on the list.  Compressors, and other “Outboard” gear count as (1) each, although I always like at least 2 of each item except for mixing consoles.


#1.      Mics – Neuman U87 Gold Tube, U47, U67, AKG C12, Royer 101, AEA R44C, AEA R92.

#2.      Pre amps – API A2D, Neve 5015, EMI REDD 47, Telefunken V72, Avalon U5, Manley 6072 and “TNT”, Presonus ADL 700.

#3.      Compressor / Limiter – UA-1A, Urie 1176 SN, Summitt Audio DCL 200, Tube Tech CL1B, Manley ” Slam”, Manley “MU”.

#4        Other Out Board Gear – Empirical labs Fatso, Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-S, Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso, Endless Analog CLASP 24, IK Media Ach 2.

#5       Tape Recorders – Studer A-800MKIII (2)” tape, or, Studer A827 24-Track Pro 2″, Studer A820 1/2″ 2 Track.

#6       Mixers – Analog with Digital Operation – API, Neve, SSL, Wender, Digital, Avid, Slate Audio MTX.  I love this one

#7        Cables – A whole bunch of MIT cables.  Vintage has some great cables.

#8        EQ’s – Tube Tech, Manley, Lang, Summitt Audio, and Neve are my favorites.

#9        Mastering – Weiss EQ1-MK2, Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 ME, Tube-Tech EQ1AM, Manley Massive Passive – Mastering Version.

#10       Recording Environment – 2,000 sq. ft. main studio room. 20’x 20′ control room. (1) 10’x10’drum booth, (2) 10’x10′ guitar amp booth, (1) 10’x10′ bass amp room, (3) vocal booth’s varying sizes. These rooms ideally would all be isolated and acoustically treated by professionals.

#11       “Movable” ISO panels – Portable ISO booths by Clear Sonic work very well!

OOOOOPPPPSSSSS!  I went to “11”!  Spinal Tap…hehehehehe…

There is much more I would like to say, but was asked to keep it to 10.  I left out monitors, power conditioning and so on, on purpose, because then I would have to add more items. Not that they are any less important. Your studio will be no better then the weakest link in the chain.  Sometimes it’s tuff to choose which that will be.

Remember…. Protect Your Hearing!!!



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