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Taking Time to Give Back

By December 3, 2013March 20th, 2016Audio, Blog, Marketing, Photo, Video

Taking Time to Give Back


It’s important for businesses in any community to give back by getting involved in philanthropy.  Small businesses employ over 50% of the nation’s workers, and while small businesses might not be able to match what huge corporations with thousands of employees and millions of dollars at their disposal give, there are many was to give back on a local level.

First, giving back is good publicity.  When your small business does something of great value for the community, like donating money, products, services, or your time as volunteers, its great publicity.  Second, your employees will appreciate it.  It feels good to be involved with a company that cares about its community, and many local causes will be something they want to be involved in too.  This creates a strong team-building experience for everyone, and encourages him or her to give back to the community.  Lastly, your customers will appreciate it, and will benefit when a small business gives back to the community.  The effects that positive publicity creates will certainly influence current and prospective customers for any small business.

These are just a few reasons small businesses should be interested in giving back to their communities.  Each business has its own unique ways to participate in giving back, so take time to plan out a solid plan and start giving back today!

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