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More than Half of U.S. Watches Streaming Video Weekly

By January 1, 2014March 20th, 2016Blog, Video

More than Half of U.S. Watches Streaming Video Weekly


According to the GfK report “How People Use Media:  Over-the-Top TV 2013”, the weekly streaming audience for TV and movies in the U.S. has risen from 37% 3 years ago to 4% in 2012, and edged over the halfway point to 51% in the past year.

Tablets and smartphones are playing emerging roles in this transformation; 5% use a tablet to watch streaming video of TV or movies on a weekly basis, while 4% use a smartphone.  Among those who watch TV or movies on tablets or smartphones, three in five say the access such content through an app, while one-third stream directly from a web site.  The breakdown for smartphones is roughly the same.

“The synergies between consumers and their connected devices are radically transforming video entertainment,” say David Tice, senior vice president of GfK’s Media and Entertainment team.  “Streaming video is giving consumers more and more control over their viewing, and forcing content providers to reinvent their business models.”

To read the full report, visit

Video Edge Magazine   November 2013


Streaming media currently represents the brightest future for media delivery.  With the increased penetration of broadband into homes and offices, the ability to reach more people, in real time has never been easier.  That is why Tahoe Production House has been producing streaming media content for the last several years.

“Why would I stream my event?”   There are many reasons to stream an event, such as providing information to people that cannot attend.

Last year Tahoe Production House videotaped several days of speakers at a rural health conference.  If we had been streaming the conference as well, many more health care workers would have been able to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided.

Streaming a concert or event allows for additional revenue as a pay-per-view show.  Raising awareness is also another reason to stream.  Whether you are raising money for a fundraiser, or just want to show the world you are here, streaming live video has the ability to reach anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Contact Tahoe Production House today, if you want to reach that 51 percent of the U.S. population that watches streaming video weekly.

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