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Multi-Camera Shooting Tips

By March 25, 2014March 20th, 2016Blog, Video

Multi-Camera Shooting Tips


Shooting video with multiple cameras can be really useful when you are shooting a large event, a live production, or trying to get different angles of the same scene.  Cameras can be placed on tripods or held by camera operators.  During the post-production editing phase, you can edit the different shots together to add pace and movement to your video production or scene.  When you shoot with more than one camera, a lot of set up is necessary, but it will save you time on the back end.

When you’re shooting with more than one camera, placement is very important.  You want to set up your cameras so that they capture everything that you want, but stay out of the other cameras sight line.  You can set cameras in a triangle formation, or use overhead cameras or other unique angles to add variety.

Typically, you want at least one camera to use as your “Master” or camera that is in a fixed location.  This is also known as your primary camera.  You can have other fixed cameras, but you want at least one.  Another good shot to frame up is a camera that can move between a medium and close up shot, and another camera can be concentrating on extreme close ups.

Make sure that you White Balance and Light your production evenly so that each camera looks the same.  An easy thing to do is to use the same type of camera for each of your shots, but if that is not an option, make sure to get as close as you can with lighting techniques.  Also, using different types of cameras, like GoPros, will show other aspects in your production, and will look different then your other shots.  Making sure everything looks consistent is key.

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