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Recording Commercials for Radio – Tips and Tricks

By April 11, 2014March 20th, 2016Audio, Studio + Live Events

Recording Commercials for Radio – Tips and Tricks

Recently Tahoe Production House recorded some of our very own Radio commercials for our local market.  The process was really fun, and we wanted to share how we went about it.

Radio Ads have been on the airwaves since the early 1920s.  Early radio ads were known as under-writings, which meant that a single advertiser would sponsor an entire radio program.  Today, most ads on the radio are 30 – 60 seconds long, very similar to television, and run between music and other programs.


The first step to creating a great radio ad is to determine the focus of your advertisement.  You want to choose products or specifics to say in your commercial.  The more specific your ad, the more likely listeners will recall it when they think of that product.

Brainstorm some creative ideas with friends, employees, or your advertising department.  All ideas are good ideas in the beginning.  Creativity is important for making your ad stand out from the rest!

The next step is to write a script.  You want to begin with an attention-grabbing statement so that you stand out as quickly as possible in radio advertising.  If a listener is not interested they will most likely switch the station to one with music, not advertising.  Another tip is to not over-complicate your commercial, as overwhelming the customer is another great way to get them to switch the station.  Make a great offer and always consider emotional factors and logical requests.  Listeners want to know why they should be your customers, if they don’t get that from your ad, they will move on.

Now that you have your idea written out into a script, its time to find some great voice over talent with a great radio voice.  Radio voices tend to have lower tones and are rich and full, but you can also go to the other side of the spectrum with high-pitched, loud voices in order to attract attention.  It depends on your ad.

Once you have found your talent, your going to want to record your ad in a Studio for the best possible production value.  This is important because sound is the only sense witness within your ad, if the voice pops or is muffled, no one will hear the ad and you might loose out on money and customers.

Now that your done recording, have the Studio mix and master our your commercial to the allotted time of your commercial, either 30 seconds or 60 seconds, or whatever.  Adding music and sound effects to your commercial really enhances the experience of your ad as well.

Now you have an ad that you can be proud of!  Click below to hear the Tahoe Production House Ads that we created, and let us know what you think!


Tahoe Production House – :60 Overview

Tahoe Production House – :30 Google Business View

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