Wildwood DIY New WordPress Website Design Launch


July launch of the Wildwood DIY new Website Design

Tahoe Production House was recently designed and launched a new website for  Wildwood DIY Pop Up Workshops.

We built the new website on WordPress website framework for easy future updates and build it on a responsive design so that the website would look great regardless of what type of device the website was being viewed on (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile).

The website design was a highly collaborative effort with the Wildwood DIY’s founder Lisa Utzig Shafer. We had a fabulous time working on and fine tuning the website’s core look and feel.

Wildwood DIY is a new business in South Lake Tahoe that is bringing the DIY trend to the South Lake Tahoe community. Wildwood DIY features arts & crafts “pop up workshops” for both the experienced DIY maker or for the novice.  As Lisa says, “The truth is, getting crafty can often feel like a project in itself. Gathering your supplies, finding a place to work, cleaning up your mess. Many people don’t have the glue gun, the paints, the supplies or the space.” So the great thing about the Wildwood DIY Pop Up Workshops is that all of the DIY project supplies are provided.

Be sure to checkout Wildwood’s upcoming workshop schedule here.

To view the new Wildwood DIY website design, visit: www.wildwooddiy.com

Here are some shots of the new website design:




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