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South Tahoe Refuse & Lake Tahoe Unified School District – Kids Trash News

By September 23, 2014March 20th, 2016Blog, Video

South Tahoe Refuse & Lake Tahoe Unified School District – Kids Trash News

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This past summer TPH got asked to help produce an “educational recycle video” with the kids from Lake Tahoe Unified School District. Lake Tahoe Unified School District thought it would be fun to hold a friendly script writing competition in the classrooms, the best script being the one that TPH would produce. After getting all of the scripts back, they all had a common theme of a newscast or reporting. TPH then took all of the scripts and combined them into “Kids Trash News”, a video about recycling at home, at school, and on vacation.

“We had always thought it would be great to have some sort of video that we could play at the schools so that we could encourage the programs and make them more understandable for the kids. The idea that the kids would do the video became a learning experience and they had a chance to provide information to their fellow classmates. We think that TPH and the students did a great job working together and the video will be used at all the schools for years to come!” Jeanie Lear, Human Resources Manager, South Tahoe Refuse

TPH had a great time putting together this video, and look forward to working with South Tahoe Refuse again!

See the full Video here!

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