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Website Redesign for JC Hopkins Biggish Band New York


Tahoe Production House recently completed a total website redesign of JC Hopkins Biggish Band website. The website redesign was a fun process as we had the opportunity to design a website with highly contrasting colors: black, white & orange with a big emphasis on photography.


The color scheme came out of the dramatic photo library we received that featured moody imagery, taken by professional photographer Jett Drolette, of JC Hopkins Biggish band performing at Harlem’s legendary jazz club Minton’s. We felt that utilizing black as the predominant color would best compliment the photography.

The redesign website also features a fully responsive design so the website looks as good on a desktop as it does on a tablet or smartphone.

Here’s a shot of the photo gallery page on the website:


Here’s a shot of a sample blog post on the website:


About JC Hopkins:

JC Hopkins is a Grammy-Nominated bandleader, producer, and songwriter. His exuberant music is influenced by many genres including jazz, swing, bebop and the Great American Songbook.