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Commercial Production for Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival 2015 Season

By September 27, 2015March 13th, 2016Blog, Video

Each year Tahoe Production House produces the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival Commercials and films the shows. This year they featured Romeo & Juliet, The Fantasticks, and the Young Shakespeare Program.  Take a look at the commercials below!

Romeo and Juliet

The World’s Most Enduring Love Story
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Charles Fee

Shakespeare’s powerfully poetic and tragic tale of love and loss will steal your heart and leave you breathless. Transcending the hate of warring factions, two young, star-crossed lovers risk all they have to be together. However, the same passion that stirs the lovers’ hearts also fuels the wrath of their feuding families and exacts heart-rending results.

The Fantasticks
The World’s Longest Running Musical

Book & lyrics by Tom Jones / Music by Harvey Schmidt
Directed by Victoria Bussert

A charming and romantic musical about one young couple, two “feuding” fathers and an infinite love that transcends over time, The Fantasticks whimsically whisks audiences on a journey of imagination into a world of moonlight, magic and memory. Along the way, love is found, lost and rediscovered again after a poignant realization that “without a hurt, the heart is hollow.”

Each year the D.G. Menchetti Young Shakespeare Program presents an interactive, one-hour adaptation of an LTSF mainstage production that is created with the young audience member in mind at Sand Harbor State Park. We also share the production with other venues throughout the Reno/Sparks, Minden and Tahoe/Truckee region.

This FREE program (suggested donation $5 per adult; $1 per child) affords an amazing live theater experience for young audience members and their families while simultaneously providing opportunities for young and aspiring actors from regional middle and high schools to participate in the production as performers!

Since its inception, Young Shakespeare performances have connected over 60,000 children to the classics – thanks to generous support from LTSF Chair Emeritus, and Young Shakespeare namesake, Geno Menchetti.
Young Shakespeare 2015
Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s most enduring love story, Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two star-crossed lovers whose families are locked in an ancient and bitter feud. Undeterred, the lovers endeavor to overcome the conflict, in the hopes that their love will bring peace, and unite their community. Conceptually set in Verona High School in the 1980s, this season’s D.G. Menchetti Young Shakespeare Program adaptation promises to provide a unique and memorable introduction to Shakespeare’s play that is not to be missed!