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Spike TV’s Playbook 360 – Climbing with Alex Honnald

By November 20, 2015March 13th, 2016Blog, Video

Tahoe Production House recently crewed up for a great shoot with Spike TV for their Playbook 360 Show. We had a great crew including Dane Henry, Chris Stamey, Damon Gold, Brad Scott, AJ Steed, Hanna Greenstark, & Maralana Fulton. All of these folks worked hard to create a great segment between host and World renown climber, Alex Honnald.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.32.58 PM

ABOUT PLAYBOOK 360:  Guys are always trying to get in the game – no matter what the sport. From football to mixed martial arts – pros chasing a dream to the daredevils chasing an adrenaline rush – with Spike’s Playbook 360, now they can get it all in a single place. Wrapped around the Spike movie of the night, each Playbook 360 takes you inside a different sport as seen through the eyes of the host and former NFL player Dhani Jones. From coaches to players, mainstream sports to the unconventional – if it makes you sweat, Playbook 360 has you covered.


World class climber Alex Honnold takes Dhani out of his comfort zone as they go up Donner Pass in California!

alex honnald 2 Alex honnald gearing up Dane filming Alex Honnold dane henry 1 Dane shooting Alex coach Dhani up the Rock Face watermark Dhani climbing The Crew

Need crew for your shoot? Reach out to Tahoe Production House, we only work with the BEST!  Photos by Brad Scott Visuals!