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The Scones – Live at TPH September 28 2015

By December 8, 2015March 13th, 2016Audio, Blog

Tahoe Production House recently did a show with The Scones in our studio.  Check out the full performance below:

The show was set up in our studio with a live mix of the audio by David and a live switched video by Tahoe Production House.

Learn more about The Scones by going to their WEBSITE and reading below!

The Scones


Martin used to have a band called Curious Walk in Phoenix. Ike auditioned for the band as a bass player and briefly got the job. They played with They Might Be Giants, Michael Penn and Material Issue, before Ike was fired as the bass player and replaced by the original bassist. Upon Ike getting canned, Martin said, “Let’s start another band where you play all the little instruments.” Soon after, Curious Walk disbanded and The Scones were born. The name came from Martin’s British roots, playing coffeehouses exclusively, and the fact that Ike was in Culinary school at the time and would show up to shows wearing a chefs uniform and covered in flour. Soon after, the duo added Jeff Owens on Bass and grew to trio, then drummer Dave Schreck (among others), then Ronnie Winters on lead guitar. The Scones went full-on electric, growing out of the coffeehouses and into a full blown rock band.