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By February 5, 2016March 13th, 2016Blog, Graphic Design

Recently TPH designed a logo for our sister company, is a streaming software with lot’s of great capabilities.

Live Event Streaming with Laika

Whether you are streaming sporting events, conferences, online training, or concerts, we make it easy. Laika is a complete live streaming production solution with great add-on features that allow you to monetize your event with Pay-Per-View and In-Stream Advertising, as well as integrate Social Streaming to platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter!

Laika allows you to stream your live event to every mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and computers / TVs. We offer easy to view statistics so you know how many people watched your stream. These statistics can be passed onto your advertisers and sponsors.

The Laika package includes our streaming software as well as full production services from cameras to technical crew. Our in-house designers can produce custom content and graphics to accompany the stream.

Laika Event Streaming Features:  easily embed, share and sell your video content online

Embed Anywhere – Video embedding is an act where the viewers place you video on their site.  Furthermore the audience on these sites can do the same.  The video can spread “like a virus”.  Hence the term “Viral Video”.  Laika let’s your call to action go “viral” with the video.

Easy to Share – Easily post your Laika videos on social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!  With Laika you can turn on sharing features to allow your viewers to share what they just purchased with their online network of friends and family.

Video on Demand – With the popularity of VOD growing at record rates, Laika is just one more step in the progression to a TV everywhere world.  Syncs with PayPal for easy payments or donations!

Monetize Your Stream – From selling advertising and sponsorship space within your stream to customizable buttons that allow you to give your customers choice, from seeing another video, going to your website for more information, to buying the product right inside Laika!

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