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Ruben Rivera Master Track – Feeding Season

By August 14, 2016Blog

Tahoe Production House had the opportunity to work with the very talented Ruben Rivera and mastered out some of his tracks with the help of Martin Shears.  Ruben recorded some tracks and needed help with the mastering process.

The TPH Audio Recording Department is headed up by Martin Shears, Creative Vice-President of the Tahoe record label Four Count Concepts.  Martin has been recording and performing music professionally for 25 years in studios from the US to the UK.  As a musician, Martin understands the artist’s vision and as an engineer/producer he can bring your vision to life.  Martin’s approach to all recording is to start with getting the best performance from the artist and capturing that performance in the purest possible way at the source.  “I believe that taking the time to get a great sounding performance on input is the fastest and best way to make truly great recordings.” – Martin Shears

Although our recording methods translate to any type of project, Martin and Four Count Concepts specialize in acoustic music.  “We are acoustic musicians so we approach recording from the musicians perspective. Whether you are a singer/songwriter, a bluegrass band, or a chamber ensemble, we use the studio space and equipment in just the right way to make you sound like you (only better).” – Martin Shears

TPH & Four Count Concepts have the equipment and experience to make great high definition audio recordings with great feel.

Mixing & Mastering Services

Obviously we here at TPH & Four Count Concepts prefer to take a project from beginning to end. That way we can insure to quality of sound and performance at every stage.  However, if you have recorded tracks but prefer to have a different set of ears on your mixes then we can help.

“I feel that the mixing process is as much a part of the creative process as the recording itself. My approach to mixing comes from a place of serving the song.  Meaning that I find the focus of the song and build the mix in support of that. This can be the voice, the lyrics, the groove. . . What ever it is that makes the song special. ” – Martin Shears

We mix in Logic Pro X and sum up to 16 channels out to a high quality Dangerous Analogue Summing unit.  This gives the perfect hybrid between digital and analogue allowing for razor sharp editing and automation with the warmth depth and headroom that only the analogue domain can offer.  We also try to mix to be mastering ready.  It’s important to NOT over compress or print mixes too hot.  The Mastering process requires several db of headroom to be effective. This is true whether we master your tracks or you take them to a dedicated mastering facility.  We offer a free assessment of your tracks or mixes and can customize a project rate based on your needs and timeline.

Take a listen to the track below and support local music!