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Ali Marriner – Recording in TPH Recording Studio

By September 15, 2016Audio, Blog
Recently we had Ali Marriner Everett in our recording studio to record a song close to her heart.  Martin Shears, our producer, recorded a rough guitar track with her, then had Ali lay down all the vocals.  After, Martin re recorded the guitar and added in some violin to make the track really pop!  Take a listen below!
Check out her YouTube Channel Here!
I was born in Laguna Beach, CA on April 25, 1987 to Dave and Nancy Marriner and came home to Laguna Niguel. As toddlers, my next door neighbor, Scott Siegel, and I would watch the music-inspired children’s exercise video Gymboree and bang on pots and pans. Later, my parents bought me the “Super Box of Rock” 3 CD set and I memorized every word of each song. I was hooked on music. I fell in love with Elvis and the music from “Grease”and “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”. I have always been a fan of “oldies”, classic rock and great singer-songwiters such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Christy Moore, Tracy Chapman, Jim Croce, and Bob Dylan. My family moved to Lake Tahoe when I was five and there I continued to express myself through music by playing the clarinet in the marching band and singing in school plays. I am inspired by my mom, dad, brother; David, my sisters; April and Ashley, and my aunts who are all musically inclined, local Tahoe artist Luke Stevenson, and my best friend Lily Baran, lead singer of “Hella Fitzgerald”. My parents bought me a guitar when I was 17 and my brother, David, taught me the G chord and how to read tabs. I taught myself from there. I write songs based on experiences I’ve had and people I meet. I wrote my first song while living in Paris in 2007. I played my first live gig at Le Galway Irish Pub in Saint-Michel and have an open invitation to perform anytime I’m in town.