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STR Transportation Orientation Video Series

By November 11, 2016July 28th, 2017Blog, Video

Tahoe Production House loves working with the South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling Company.  This year, they wanted to produce a series of orientation videos for their employees.  We started with the Transportation Orientation Video, take a look below:


Welcome to the South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling Transport Safety Video. In this video we will review Safety clothing, PreTrip Inspections, Driving to and from the Landfill, Unloading at the Landfill, Parking your Truck, and How to Install Snow Chains in Weather.

Safety vests and hardhat are worn at all facilities, whenever outside truck.

Boots with good tread and ankle support protect against trips, slips and falls.

Sunglasses or safety glasses are OK.

Be sure to clock in and clock out.

Pre-trip inspections are not only required by law and by our policies, they are the best way to be sure your truck is safe to drive and to avoid problems down the road.

Check fluids, tires, frame and lights. If you feel the truck is unsafe to drive take it to the Equipment Shop right away, our mechanics will help solve the problem

No cell phones while driving, no talking, no texting.

Fueling is an important part of driving a truck. Safe procedures require your full attention. No cell phones during fueling operations.

Safety equipment is required at all landfills.

Tipper procedures, which drivers do twice a day, require your full attention and care. Be sure to abide by all landfill rules and procedures.

Our relationship with our landfills is important to our business. Be professional, alert and courteous.

Watch those steps in and out of the tipper, especially in bad weather.

It’s a good idea to stop and check your phone for messages before heading back.

It is the driver’s responsibility to clean up the debris that falls out between the compactor and the back of the truck.

Loader operators can help if there is a lot, but you should work with them.

This is a good time to take a break before driving your second load. Eat, get some fresh water and walk around a little.

Our trucks are recognized everywhere they go. They are a symbol of our constant efforts to handle and transport solid waste and recycling in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

That’s why daily washing of trucks, except during drought conditions, is so important, as well as keeping the inside of the cab clean and orderly. Remove personal items and anything that needs to be replaced or recharged. Take care of that now so you’re ready to roll in the morning.

There are lots of ways to install snow chains, depending on where you are and what resources you have. However, the Company has a specific set of procedures you should follow to avoid injury and assure that your chains are installed correctly.

As long haul truckers, you know that you may have to install snow chains at any point along your route, so be prepared. Carry extra clothing to protect you against the weather and an extra pair of dry gloves are always welcome after battling snow chains.

Adjust your driving for wet and icy conditions. The most important thing is that we all return home safely.

Thank you for watching this safety video. By following these procedures we will all have a successful day at South Tahoe Refuse and Recycling.


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