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TPH Produces Video Blog for Lust for Cooking

By November 8, 2016Blog, Video

Tahoe Production House just produced a great video blog for Lust for Cooking, a blog all about how cooking will save the world! We got to go on location with the blog writers friends, and participate in a “Family Dinner”, where something big was happening. Watch the video below, and read more about Lust for Cooking.


Hey, look, another website about food!  Or…maybe something just a little different. Here at Lust for Cooking, it’s not about recipes and celebrity chefs (though we will post a recipe on occasion and we do love Anthony Bourdain), and it’s not about how to cook (though we hope to provide some insight), and it’s definitely not about restaurants (though some are doing great things). At Lust for Cooking what we’re really after is why. Why does cooking, home cooking, matter? And better yet, why is it sexy? This isn’t a website about why you should cook, but why you should LOVE to cook, and how the act of cooking just may save the world.