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Barton Hospital Summer/Winter Sports Tips

By May 17, 2017Blog

Tahoe Production House recently produced Summer / Winter Sports Tips for Barton Hospital.  You can learn more about Barton Hospital below, or follow them on Facebook to watch the tips.


Purpose Statement: Consistently Exceptional Care

Barton Health is a not-for-profit, equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, religion, creed, national origin, race or handicap in its relationship with patients, visitors or employees.  Barton Health delivers safe, high quality care and engages the community in the improvement of health and wellness.  Barton Health is the community health leader known for compassion and chosen for quality.


Barton Health is committed to integrity, collaboration and excellence through the practice of our values:

  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Image
  • Efficiency


  1. Operational Excellence – Improve the continuum of care for all patients and their families.
  2. Financial Stewardship & Strategic Growth – Ensure the continuity of a locally governed health system.
  3. Quality & Compassion – Strengthen our position as a provider of compassionate and quality care.
  4. Physician & Employee Engagement – Strengthen our position as a great place to work, practice and volunteer.
  5. Community Health – Strengthen our position as a leader in community health.