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City of South Lake Tahoe – New VHR Rules + Fines Motion Graphics Video

By January 23, 2018Blog, Video

Tahoe Production House just wrapped post production on our latest motion graphics video edit for the City of South Lake Tahoe.  They wanted to create a short and to the point video reviewing all of the new rules and fines folks will have to follow for VHR regulations come December 22, 2017.


The City of South Lake Tahoe recently tightened regulations on the Vacation Home Rental program or VHR.  All enforcement for VHR is conducted through the South Lake Tahoe Police Department’s VHR Code Enforcement Officers.

Recent changes to the VHR program are;

$1,000 fines to both the owner of the property and the guest of the VHR for any violation of the Vacation Home Rental ordinance. There are no longer any warnings, only the $1,000 minimum fine.

If a VHR has three (3) fines within a 24 month period it will lose its vacation home rental permit.

Only 1,400 VHR permits will be issued outside of the Tourist Core Area.

People renting a VHR can only park in the driveway or in the garage. Parking is not allowed on the street or on any unpaved surface such as dirt. If a car is parked on the street by a VHR renter, they will receive a $1,000 fine.

Occupancy is limited to;

2 people in a studio,

4 people in a 1 bedroom house,

8 people in a 2 bedroom house,

10 people in a 3 bedroom house,

12 people in a 4 bedroom house,

14 people in a 5 bedroom house.

Parking is limited to;

1 parking space allows 4 people,

2 parking spaces allows 8 people,

3 parking spaces allows 12 people,

4 parking spaces allows 16 people,

5 parking spaces allows 20 people allowed.

Noise must be at a reasonable level.

You are not allowed to use a hot tub between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

Trash must be placed in a bear box and Bear boxes must be installed in all homes with a vacation home rental permit.

Owners of homes with a VHR permit are required to inform guests of the requirement to comply with the City’s regulations; failure to do so will result in a citation to the owner.

Violations are posted on the City’s website daily at or

Call the City’s VHR Enforcement phone number at (530) 542-7474.


The City Council has placed a moratorium that has put a hold on the Receipt of Vacation Home Rental Applications and the Processing, Review and Issuance of New Vacation Home Rental Permits.

The City Council expressed interest in working as quickly as possible to establish a new VHR ordinance so that the Moratorium can be lifted.

What is a VHR?

A VHR is a property that is rented for 30 days or less.

VHR Socioeconomic Impact Report – June 5, 2017
The City received and released the Vacation Home Rental Socioeconomic Impact report completed by Michael Baker International on June 5, 2017.

The City of South Lake Tahoe has sponsored this study to identify these emerging impacts, particularly impacts that may be directly affecting residents and persons who work in the city. The goal of this study is to examine the wide range of factors that may be influenced by the growth of the sharing economy, and evaluate the socioeconomic impacts of those factors. We can then use the information gathered to support public policy that will help balance the positive and negative externalities of the rapid growth in the VHR market. This study was completed through a partnership between faculty at California State University, Sacramento, and Michael Baker International.

Vacation Home Rental Socioeconomic Impact report

City council will be holding a special city council meeting on Tuesday, June 13th at 8am with a presentation by the consultant in the City Council Chambers located at 1901 Airport Road.

Click the link below to view the PowerPoint presented at the special City Council meeting.
Power Point Presentation

Permitting Process

A VHR permit is required for all properties meeting the definition of a VHR. However, there are three types of VHR permits based on operations and property location. You may obtain an over-the-counter permit or may be required to go through a public hearing process. During the public hearing process, neighbors located within 300 feet of the proposed rental location will be notified, a public hearing will be held, and a decision-making entity will either approve, approve with additional conditions, or deny a VHR application. Below are the three types of VHR permits.

  1. VHRs located in a Commercial/Tourist Core Area 
  2. VHRs located in a Residential Area, in which the owner does not occupy at the time of rental 
  3. Shared VHRs located in a Residential Area 

How do I know if my property is zoned Commercial/Tourist Core Area versus Residential?

To determine if your property is located in a Commercial/Tourist Core Area versus Residential area, then please click the following link: City of South Lake Tahoe map. Yellow indicates residential zones, while red indicates commercial/tourist core area zones.

Enforcement for all VHRs will be conducted by the City of South Lake Tahoe’s Police Department located at 1352 Johnson Blvd. VHR Enforcement contact number is (530) 542-7474. For additional information about VHR-related complaints, please click here.

VHR Database
The VHR map is updated on a daily basis. If you have a question regarding the status of a property please contact the VHR Clerk at (530) 542-6011 or via email at