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“Wing Man” by John Resburg

By February 14, 2018Audio, Blog

Tahoe Production House just finished our latest project with John Resburg, a local firefighter, with a HUGE heart!  He is always writing from a good place, and we have so much fun working with him.  Take a listen to his latest song, “Wing Man”, below and consider giving a donation for access to the full song!

His idea is to raise money to give back to No-Kill Animal Shelters.  “No-kill” shelters and “no-kill” rescue groups often find themselves filled to capacity, which means that they must turn animals away.

Image result for no kill shelters

These animals will still face untimely deaths—just not at these facilities. In the best-case scenario, they will be taken to another facility that does euthanize animals. Some will be dumped by the roadside to die a far more gruesome and horrible death than an injection of sodium pentobarbital would provide. Although it is true that “no-kill” shelters do not kill animals, this doesn’t mean that animals are saved. There simply aren’t enough good homes—or even enough cages—for them all.