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Launch of the Updated Sierra Child and Family Services Website

Tahoe Production House just launched our latest website redesign with Sierra Child and Family Services Website.  This was a very fun project for us, and challenging as well.  The old website was an outdated design, and also did not have a very good user experience.  A lot of information was buried deep on the site, and hard for people to find.  The new website integrates a lot of forms to make it easy for interested people to connect with Sierra Child and Family Services and get the information they are looking for.  We also wanted to make it easy for the folks at Sierra Child and Family Services to update the website on their own as needed.

We of course picked WordPress for our platform, as this would allow us to install plugins to run “Calendar”, “Forms”, and “Our Staff” pages.  Take a look at some screenshots below:



Sierra Child & Family Services, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formally designated in the State of California. The agency is governed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is reflective of the diverse groups within the community, collectively has a range and depth of experience to lead effectively and individually demonstrates interest in providing for the care and welfare of children.

Founded in 1988, SCFS began as a residential treatment program for boys with emotional disturbance. Shortly after opening, the agency added educational services in the form of a non-public school, and began serving multiple school districts from Sacramento, Amador, and El Dorado counties. At their peak, the residential program served 18 boys, while the non-public school had 45 students.

In 2001, the agency expanded services, becoming a provider of specialty mental health services in El Dorado County. In the years to follow, additional mental health clinics were opened in South Lake Tahoe, and Jackson, serving a combined total of over 150 children.

In 2012, the agency expanded upon services for foster children by merging with a foster family and adoption agency. This merger created greater ability to serve children over a continuum of placement options, increased opportunities for permanency, and increased opportunities for foster children to access mental health services. Foster family agency sub-offices were opened in Santa Rosa, Diamond Springs, South Lake Tahoe, Jackson, Sacramento, and Stockton, serving approximately 120 children and families.

Beginning in 2013, the outpatient mental health programs expanded to serve children on public school campuses under the new AB 114 legislation. AB 114 restructured funding and access to mental health services for children with special education needs.

As the agency expanded programs to adjust to the evolving needs of California youth, additional focus was placed on the success of all programs. In 2016, with yet another statewide overhaul of children’s services on the horizon, the Board of Directors decided to discontinue the residential and non-public school programs to place more focus our community based programs. Through a partnership with Summitview Child & Family Services, these programs were maintained in the community under Summitview’ s expanded menu of programs.

Throughout the evolution of the agency, the continued focus on quality of care and the needs of the communities we serve has remained constant. As the agency continues to grow, the Board remains committed to these ideals.