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Wendy David – Full Creative Political Campaign – 2018

Did you Vote?  We hope so, its important.

Tahoe Production House was very happy to work with City Council Candidate Wendy David for the 2018 City Elections taking place on November 6 2018.  Wendy came to us wanting a full service creative campaign, which included a new Website + Graphic Design, Blogging, Social Media, Video + Radio Production, Media Buying, as well as Photography.

We were happy to deliver this contract over her 3 month campaign.  Working with Wendy was a lot of fun, and we got to know her quiet well.  The first thing we did was design a logo for her campaign, this was the starting focal point that everything else followed.

From here, we designed a great looking website that included a bit about Wendy, how she felt about the issues facing our City, as well as Blogs and News Updates from the Campaign and a way to donate to her and reach out and get in touch with her.

We also created a Facebook Page / Twitter Page that folks could follow on social media to keep in touch and interact that way and managed it throughout the campaign.

We went to many of the Candidate Forums and took Photos as well as produced two video spots for Wendy.


I am a candidate that will always put the City’s best interests first. My driving motivation for running again is simple; first, the voters in our community should decide if I have earned a second term as a Council member. Secondly, I am committed to to seeing our City move forward with a long term vision which addresses housing and transit, funds better roads, sees our new recreation center built, encourages diversification in our workforce and continues to work with our partners toward greater economic vibrancy and environmental sustainability.