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Alpine Computers Commercial Production 2019

By February 12, 2019Video

Tahoe Production House just wrapped production on a commercial for Alpine Computers.  The idea was to show three different scenarios that they see the most common fixes for visually in a entertaining way.  Script and Commercial below:

Girl + Boy running around a couch, boy hits Mom’s laptop, it falls to ground and breaks. Mom looks horrified, and kids react.

Woman and daughter are walking down path and texting; Man is walking opposite down path and texting. All the sudden they collide, and Man’s phones drops.

Man is entering in numbers on a computer excel sheet, and the computer screen goes BLUE. Man grabs hair, looks up and screams in agony.

Shot of Mom in the shop with broken computer screen – Tech Fixes it, she is happy

Shot of Man in the shop with her broken iphone at counter – Tech fixing it

Shot of Tech on location fixing Man’s computer, now its not blue and he is happy


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