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Brought to you by the Letter K Marketing Video Edit

By February 7, 2019Video

Tahoe Production House was hired to video at an event back in 2018, and met Karine Bengualid.  At this event we captured engaging video about why she does what she does and how she can help your business.  She reached back out to have us help her edit her video. 

Check out the final product below:

About K
Karine Bengualid

With over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, I consider myself a Jill of all marketing-related trades, and a master of fun.

I’m on a mission to make B2B marketing fun. Why? Because when someone tells me I can’t, it fuels me to try harder. And because I really, truly, whole-heartedly believe that any business can be fun.

I’ve brought a big ol’ F to NBA and NHL sports teams (they’re not always as fun as you would imagine), to utilities providers, to those in the payroll industry, and even to gutter cleaning. So ya, I can bring it. Can you?

I’m a French-Canadian-Moroccan-Jew, a recovering introvert, an aspiring comedienne, and fun is my second favourite F word. In my spare time I enjoy the great outdoors, volunteering (with Nelly the dog), taking photos of stuff, eating Loblaws’ vanilla cake, finding/sharing amusing cat videos and captioning GIFs.