Black Ice Theatre Co. Logo Design

Tahoe Production House just finished designing a brand new logo for Black Ice Theatre Co., an award winning theater company in South Lake Tahoe.  We worked very closely with the founders of the company to come up with something that they loved.  The lines and color choices were very important to the client.  We love the way the logo came out, what do you think?

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We founded Black Ice Theatre in order to engage audiences through fresh and daring plays that explore themes that are both vital to the modern moment and timeless representations of the human experience. Much like black ice itself, our plays will be unexpected and slick. Black comedies, intense dramas, plays based on actual events & characters not often represented in Tahoe will fill our 3-to-4 show seasons. We’ll create a safe and artistic space to both entertain and challenge our audiences.

Black Ice Theatre Co. is a not-for-profit that was developed by a group of theatre professionals from different backgrounds based in South Lake Tahoe. Individually, our works have been produced across the country and have been the recipients of many awards.

Though theatre is really starting to take off in Tahoe, we want to give our audiences more than just light-hearted comedies and classic musicals. The times we live in call for a mirror to be held up to society, for artists to push ourselves and for the community to come together and share an experience that might just make us question our own lives, values and behavior.

Theatre is a vital part of the Tahoe experience for both locals and visitors. It brings people together. It helps create empathy. It stimulates the economy. And we need more of it.