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No Choke, The Truly Non-Choking Dog Harness – Product Shark Tank Video – 2019

By July 9, 2019Video

NoChoke Dog Harness

No Joke, It’s No Choke

The Harmless Harness the Hugs!


Tahoe Production House just wrapped post production on a Shark Tank video for inventor Bill Roney.  He invented a truly non choking dog harness that is safe for any dog.  We had a great time producing this video.  We collected a lot of assets from interviews with Bill himself, to interviews with Vets and B Roll of dogs using this great product to show how well it works.  We never pass up an opportunity to work with dogs, check out more about the product below or at

Our New Non-Choking Dog Harness will relieve your dog’s stress and allow them to feel much more comfortable in it, than anything else on the market.

Because of the way that our harness functions, it cradles your dog in comfort by using the entire chest area for support.



Our NoChoke dog harness was actually born out of necessity.

Somewhere back in 2010, my wife and I were walking our 3 dogs and I kept noticing that they pulled a lot and wanted to sniff every crack and crevice, bush and fence, around our neighborhood.  While pulling they choked and coughed a lot.  We were using a simple leash and collar at the time.

When we got home I immediately got online to see if there was something else out there that could stop our dogs from choking. The pulling did not bother us much, as we owned pretty small dogs.  We love our little Biskit, Jade & Bella.  We treat them like family members, but truthfully, probably better than family members.

I found several harnesses, as I would not even consider any collars at all, and found a few that said they were either “choke-free” or “non-choking”.   I started out purchasing only one size and about 5 different brands to try them out to see which one worked the best.  After trying them all out and finding that none of them stop putting pressure against the trachea (neck) of the dog.
I have been a Registered Emergency Room Nurse for over 20 years and used my expertise in the medical field to invent my own harness.

I kept looking at each and every brand and thinking what could I change on them to make it better.  I finally came up with the function you currently see on this website.   It took 2 years of sewing and miles of hot glue (for testing) in researching and developing our NoChoke dog harness.   It took another 2 1/2 years to get the patent pending and another year to save up the money to get the final patent completed. USPTO #9,301,506.

If you think of picking up your dog, where do you usually hold them?  Your arms usually go around their chest area.  Our NOCHOKE dog harness works in a very similar fashion.  It gently squeezes the rib/chest area instead of putting any pressure on the neck/trachea area.

Unlike other harnesses that constrict or put immense pressure against the neck area or irritate the front leg pits of a dog, our NOCHOKE dog harness totally eliminates any pressure against the neck or pits and you can actually pick your small dog up off the ground without hurting them one bit.

The NOCHOKE DOG HARNESS allows for better control and increased response to leash commands to more easily walk your pet, all without placing unnecessary pressure or stress on your dog’s trachea or neck area. 

Please see the TRANSFER OF FORCE page to find out more about NECK INJURIES and how other harnesses just don’t protect your dog’s fragile and sensitive neck area.