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Brought To You By The Letter K – Speaker Reel Cut – 2019

By August 20, 2019Blog, Video

Recently our client, Karine Bengualid, came to us and asked if we could help put together a Speaker Reel for her website with some found footage from events and a collection of video reviews.

We took 2 different presentation videos and some twitter testimonial videos and cut them together into an engaging short video to tell just a small story about Karine and what she has to say.  Take a look at the final cut below;

Karine Bengualid is a French-Canadian-Moroccan-Jew, a recovering introvert, an aspiring comedienne, and a freelance copywriter by day/night/weekend.

If it needs words, I’m your gal.

So, what is it that I do? B2C and B2B content marketing, strategy, and consulting.

How do I do it? I tell stories… who am I kidding? I tell GREAT stories. And these audience-specific stories connect your ideal customers with your product/service. Less thinking, more buying. All of this gets you noticed with my super, duper, neat-o copy. Puns? I can be pun-y. Snark? Don’t even. Memes? Yes, please.

Chutzpah? You don’t know from chutzpah.

I’m a real-life superhero. And with great power, comes great responsibility. The word is my hammer; research is my lasso of truth. I can Kung-Fu-Panda deadlines in the you-know-where and I can translate engineering/tech/science/data into English, à la Tony Stark. The internet is my Batmobile and SEO is my Robin. My ideas flow faster than The Flash and my copy catches more leads than Spiderman’s web.

*Cue Mighty Mouse theme song*

I’ve worked with some big Kahunas in my day – NBA, NHL and MLS teams; tourism companies like Antarctica XXI and Quark Expeditions, Days Inns – Canada, Ontario Tourism; and I’ve written for The Gothamist, Vancity Buzz, USA Today, Avenue Magazine, Mediaplanet.

And my words have been used to help tech, retail, travel, tourism, entertainment, sports, business, marketing, recruitment, animals, non-profit, and PR share their stories.