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Jellyswitch – New Website Development + Design 2020

We are so excited about our latest website development and design project we just completed with Jellyswitch, a coworking space management app company.

The design process started with a hard look at their current site, and creation of a wire frame mock up with updated ideas, fresh content, and a whole new look. Above is the first iteration of the new website that we came up with. This is a wireframe mock up tool to help put our ideas to paper and start to organize what information needed to go on each page.

Once we had a rough layout of the new site, we started developing the live site to bring our design ideas to life. One of our biggest ideas was the header image of the page. We wanted to show customers that landed on the site, that they could fit their co working space, into their smart phone, in a very visual way. This took a lot of coding, but we got it to work. The header image transforms into a smartphone as you scroll, and its really cool.

Another really neat feature of the website, was the use of GIFs on the smartphone’s throughout the site. We wanted to show customers actual screenshots of the app in each feature section, without making them scroll through a gallery or do too much work. You will notice that as you scroll through the site, all of the images on the phones change based on what your looking at. Very cool.

We also created a bunch of custom graphic design for the website from layout color scheme to visual styles on each of the pages.  One of our favorite visual designs to come out of the site, was this simple yet very powerful graphic showing how Jellyswitch stands out among its competitors.  The ask from the client was to not only show how much more they do then others, but also highlight their selection in a way that directed a customers eye.

We are very happy with this website build, and encourage you to go take a look at the site.  Looking to step up your game with your website?  Give us a call for a custom quote!

About Jellyswitch:

Your business in your pocket

Jellyswitch is a technology company that delivers products to enable the best possible experience for coworking space members. We believe the future of work is distributed, and that coworking space operators need better tools to assist them in utilizing their strengths. We’re proud to be located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

  • Run your business from your phone
  • Know exactly what’s going on, from revenue to day passes to room utilization and so much more
  • Seamlessly communicate with your staff and members in realtime
  • No more group texts or emails to deal with
  • Your App, Your Brand

Whether you are just opening your first location or scaling past 30, we’re confident you’ll have happier members and save time in your daily operations.