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Keep Tahoe Blue – Visitors Station Landing Page Design

Tahoe Production House just wrapped design on the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s new Visitors Station landing page, which will be available to view inside their location at the Fritzi & David Huntington Environmental Education Center in South Lake Tahoe.  It’s open year-round and serves as a hub for thousands of visitors, providing information on Tahoe’s ecology, history and scenic beauty, as well as merchandise to help spread the message to “Keep Tahoe Blue.”

Our goal with this design was to keep it simple, and formatted in a way that did not make a user scroll to get to what they want to see, big bright buttons with clear titles, and easy navigation.  We used client images and provided copy to create a box gallery that will lead visitors to the different aspects on their current website.

Some challenges we faced with this project was working within a building platform that did not allow us to create custom coding very easily.  The client wanted a custom header and footer on this page, however, the page lives within the main website environment.  So making this adjustment was tricky, but we got it done.

We also helped set up a YouTube Playlist for their existing podcasts and getting them into their channel, with a video format for playback.  This will not only help their SEO, but will also allow them to use these assets in more locations.


Advocate, Engage, Create

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is a solutions-oriented team of Tahoe advocates who use innovation, boots on-the-ground action and a unique, holistic approach to solve the environmental challenges threatening the Lake we love. Together with our community of residents and visitors, we Keep Tahoe Blue.

How you can Keep Tahoe Blue

Whether you’re a visitor or long-time local, you can support efforts to protect and preserve Lake Tahoe now and for future generations.