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Tahoe Economic Summit 2019 Video Production – Event & Sizzle

By February 25, 2020July 20th, 2020Blog, Event Services, Video, Video Production

Tahoe Economic Summit 2019 Recap

Attendees discussed day-to-day challenges faced in the Lake Tahoe Basin while also stepping back to look at the bigger picture. Keynote speakers shared their wisdom from the trenches. Collaborative peer group sessions provided an environment to contribute with the leaders of the Lake Tahoe region and brainstorm ideas, opening up to new ways of thinking and solving wicked regional messes.

Lake Tahoe may be made up of many communities, but we are one lake and one regional economy, so what affects some of us, affects all of us. The third annual Tahoe Economic Summit’s objective was to catalyze change and take action for the benefit of that regional economy.

The theme for 2019 was “Transforming Tahoe.” Government leaders, local residents, business owners, real estate professionals, start-up companies, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs attended and took away a lot of great information.

The 2019 Summit delivered:

  • Information on regional and national economic issues that impact the local economy.
  • Expert speakers on topics ranging from Housing, Education, Workforce, and Community and Economic development.
  • Knowledge about Tahoe’s individual communities’ strategies to address these issues.
  • Learning through sharing adaptation approaches and successes.

Tahoe Production House was on site to capture the event and breakout sessions, as well as create a Sizzle video for 2019.

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