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Exquisite Grill & Catering – Marketing Consultation 2020

Tahoe Production House just finished our 3 month Marketing Consultation Package with Dave from Exquisite Grill & Catering.

Tahoe Production House’s Marketing Consulting services are designed to help businesses develop compelling and integrated marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns.

Positioning your brand correctly should be the #1 priority for any business looking to climb to the top. Bridging the gap between the brand and the community. Gathering data, creating collateral and projects that will strengthen your brand equity. Your brand is important, as should be the team behind your marketing.

We will help you develop the right media media strategy that places your brand or product in front of your target audience in the most efficient advertising mediums at the the most cost-effective rates for your budget.

To learn more about our services, and to build a package that makes sense for your business, click below;

Overall Marketing Strategy:  Brand, Product, Campaign

For Dave – We took a look at his current marketing efforts, free and paid, and created a current market profile for him.  From there, we made some recommendations on how to change up some allocation for budget to things that might work better for him, and room for improvement on things he hadn’t looked at in a while. 

We did a full Website SEO check and Audit as well, and made some recommendations to update his website.  One of our favorite things we did, was capture some updated photography assets for Dave that he could use on his Website, Newsletters, Social Media and other Advertising.  Here are a few of our favorite shots;

The Recipe Behind Chef David

David Mullen was born with an appetite for all things culinary. With 35 years experience in the field — 25 of those years in Lake Tahoe — David’s expertise stretches back more than three decades to Northern New Jersey. There, he was exposed to a multitude of ethnic, cultural and home-grown culinary influences. Moving to South Lake Tahoe years ago, David attended Lake Tahoe Community College where he majored in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and honed his impressive skills. Today, David’s continuing passion for cooking and love for the natural beauty surrounding him in the Sierra inspired him to create a tasty new venture called Exquisite Grill.

This is the culmination of David’s culinary prowess. This is a tasteful adventure. And this is where meals, moments and memories come together.