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City of South Lake Tahoe – “Join the Conversation” Marketing Campaign

By June 6, 2020October 22nd, 2020Blog, Design, Graphic Design

Tahoe Production House was lucky enough to work on the latest City of South Lake Tahoe campaign “Join the Conversation”. We were asked to help design digital banner ads as well as multiple survey and informative mailers sent out to our community to get answers back on what our communities priorities should be. Take a look at the final design below.

Keeping South Lake Tahoe Safe and Healthy- Join The Conversation

In these unprecedented times, residents are relying on the critical services the City of South Lake provides more than ever, including 911 response and other emergency services. The City must continue to ensure our community is prepared for any medical or catastrophic emergency. We will continue to put your health and safety first and keep you updated through these unprecedented times.                   

In recent community outreach and conversation, the public has provided the following feedback on what our priorities should be:           

  • Ensuring South Lake Tahoe is prepared for any medical or catastrophic emergency
  • Maintaining snow removal so first responders can reach residents in an emergency 
  • Reducing the threat of wildfire 
  • Repairing streets and potholes
  • Maintaining fire protection and fast emergency response
  • Maintaining vital city infrastructure                   

In these challenging times for us all, we want to continue to hear from you.

Please add your voice and join the conversation by completing a Community Feedback Form today. (link to digitized survey)  

If you are a member of a civic organization and would like to receive an online informational presentation regarding South Lake Tahoe’s current challenges and service priorities in the context of our current challenges, please contact Chris Fiore at

To fill out the survey, click here.

The first round of mailers were “Join the Conversation”, and included a survey for folks to take and return. This dictated that the design be clear and legible, include all instructions, and have a perforated edge for folks to tear and return.

The second mailer was called “Getting Results”, and included the results of the survey sent out to inform the community of where they thought we needed to put our attention. The graph was our favorite element to design on this one!

The Third Mailer was called “Measure S” and included information about what passing this measure would mean.

And here are the banners

The fourth mailer was called “Election Information” and had some great information about Measure S included as well as vote centers and urls for more information.

Then it was onto the final mailer number 5.  This mailer was called “Ballot Measures” and included information about how to register to vote, and where to drop off your ballot.

We really enjoyed this project and encourage everyone to go out and VOTE!

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