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The Fine Art of Waiting Website Development and Design

We just finished up developing and designing a great one page website for The Fine Art of Waiting Coloring Book.

Stacey’s Story;

Take a look at these fun and easy art projects compiled in a book for others who live with chronic illness. You only need a few crayons to use this book. I am excited to help you expand your creativity and look at your life through the art and techniques I offer in this book.

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Stacey’s Story;

Why I Wrote This Book

These exercises are meant to be fun, to distract you from the pain of your disease and help you creatively explore your chronic illness journey. As an artist who has lived most of my life with chronic illness due to auto-immune issues, I rely on art for my own healing. It has literally saved my life.  I have also had the opportunity to lead healing art workshops for chronically ill patients for 20 years, working with individuals who suffer from Parkinson’s, Cancer, and other diseases.

I could hear my sister talking to me in my left ear, “Hang on Stacey, the angels are protecting you, you’re going to be okay.” But something had gone wrong and darkness started to envelop me. WAIT I’ve had a near-death experience and that was all light! What was this darkness? So much was going on around me and I started shaking my head, no, no. I heard a nurse above me say “I think she wants you to stop talking.” and I started shaking my head “yes”. I needed to concentrate.

I wasn’t ready to leave. …

I had been dealing with chronic illness for most of my life with 20 surgeries in the last 25 years. When I was ten, my doctors discovered I had a hyperthyroid that they couldn’t control with medication. I drank the radioactive iodine they prescribed, which destroyed most of my thyroid. This began my path with medication in hand and doctors’ appointments for life.

Here are some great screen shots from the website;